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Chrome Caddy License Plate Frame

Hello again crafty friends!  This month, I have been having fun with Tape Technologies StyleTech Chrome vinyl.

My husband recently bought a new(er) car for his long commute to work: a Cadillac.  Being European, we hadn’t had much experience with this brand of car, but of course in North America they are HUGE!  The new car is very slick, and Hubby is understandably happy with it.  Personally I still love my VW Golf GTi hot rod, but everyone’s different *wink*.

So, I decided to make Hubby a little gift to enhance his new toy: a licence plate frame in shiny chrome.  He dislikes the one that came with the car, which was from the dealership.  Bleh.  Here’s my blank plate, that I picked up from a supplier in the US.  They are easily available from Amazon, or your local car parts store.

Licence Plate Frame

To add the vinyl, I placed the frame face-down onto the back of the vinyl, and traced around the outline of the frame.  I left about 1/4 to 1/2″ edging, so that it could be stuck down around the edges of the frame.  Covering the frame with the vinyl was easy, although I did use some transfer tape to make things easier to stick down in a straight line.

Next, I created a cut file of the Cadillac logo in my Silhouette Studio design software, and cut the word from some black StyleTech Heavy Metal vinyl.  Again, using some transfer tape I adhered the word onto the thicker base of the frame.

Cadillac Licence Plate Frame

Now my Hubs can put this classy frame onto the back of his classy new motor!  Happy Hubs!

The chrome vinyl is VERY shiny, so it’s difficult to take good pictures.  I think it looks awesome though, as if the frame was actually made of metal.  Thanks to Tape Technologies products, it gives a terrific result which is rated for up to 2 years for outdoor use.  Perfect for licence plate frames – for my Hubby at least, who doesn’t tend to keep cars that long!

Thanks for visiting today, and happy crafting!


Licence plate2

Cadillac Licence Plate Frame

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