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Creativation 2017 Workshops – Part 1

Hello there, and Happy February to you all!

It already seems like a long time since I returned from the fabulous Phoenix Creativation show, organised by the Association For Creative Industries.  It was a happy, inclusive and inspiring show with a complete lack of politics.  I think we can all be delighted about that last part..!

I wanted to share my experiences in the workshops I took part in while at the show.  Today, I am going to review the two that were sponsored by Crafter’s Companion.  The company makes some of the highest quality colouring products, including Spectrum Noir alcohol markers, Aqua markers, blendable and watercolour pencils, sparkle markers and much more.

The classes were both hosted by Jennifer Tryon of Tryon A Homemade Life.  Jennifer is first and foremost a crafting addict like the rest of us, and her love of the products shone through for the whole time.  Her enthusiasm is contagious, and it wasn’t long before all the class attendees were in love too!

For the first class, Jennifer shared some simple but highly effective ways to blend colours with the Spectrum Noir alcohol markers.  Just three shades of each colour was all that was needed to produce this poppy masterpiece:

And next, the monochrome cherries!  Who knew you could get such a cool effect by using only 3 shades of grey, followed by just one shade of red?  This technique really blew me away!

The second class was introducing Spectrum Noir Aqua markers, watercolour pencils and Sparkle markers:

Jennifer demonstrated how the markers and pencils can be blended with water, to produce a beautiful watercolour effect:

And the sparkle markers.. well I’ll let you judge for yourself.  (Note: you might be able to separate me from these beauties if you prise them from my cold dead hands.. or something like that..)

I certainly enjoyed the tips and techniques shared by the classes, and will definitely be using these products much more often!  Thanks Jen!


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