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Let’s Celebrate!

2017 is a celebratory year – our country is 150 years old, and Plaid Crafts are also enjoying 50 years of Mod Podge!

To mark these occasions, I have created a cute planter using recycled materials and the Mod Podge Furniture line.  The Furniture formula is a glue, sealer and decoupage medium that comes in 3 finishes; matte, satin and gloss.

To start, I glued some plain wooden popsicle sticks together in twos.  Then, I glued five paint stirrer sticks together (these sticks are the 12″ size that you get from the hardware store when buying paint.)  I made three of the paint stirrer walls; one for the bottom of the planter, and two for the front and back.  I glued the popsicle stick pairs to the back of the side walls to give it a little stabilty.  On the bottom side, I glued down some burlap ribbon (the type that has the wire in it.)  Again, this is to help keep it all together, and also have something between your plants and the wooden bottom.

Next I attached the front and back walls to the bottom, to create the shape of the planter.  As I wanted the planter to be rectangular, I created sides with more burlap ribbon and popsicle sticks.  If you wanted a square planter, you could simply build two more walls with the paint stirrer sticks, or alternatively cut the sticks down to the size you want.  I used the Mod Podge Furniture matte formula to attach the popsicle sticks to my burlap sides.

Now that the planter has taken shape, it’s time to decorate!  I gave the entire thing a coating of the matte Mod Podge, so that there was a nice smooth base before painting.  I marked out the dimensions of the flag on the front of the planter; this was 3.75″ on the left and right sides, to leave a space of 4.5″ in the middle.  It’s not the exact proportions of the official flag, which is 1:2:1, as I felt it looked nice this way, on a small surface.  Masking off the sides, I painted the middle of the flag with FolkArt Chalk Paint in White Adirondack.  When dry, I then painted the sides with FolkArt Chalk Paint in Imperial.





Now for the important part: the Maple Leaf!  Of course there are many interpretations of the leaf image, however on the Canadian flag, it is a stylised version with 11 points.  (I think it should have been 13, to represent the provinces and territories, however apparently it didn’t “look right” with the extra 2 points..)  For that reason, I found the correct image online.  (Download the free template HERE from Canadian Living.)  I used the template to create a cut file, and made a stencil on my Silhouette Cameo.  I used Cricut Stencil Vinyl to do this.  I applied the stencil to the centre of my flag, and stencilled the image using the Imperial colour paint again.

To finish, I coated the whole planter with Mod Podge Furniture gloss, which gives a beautiful shiny result.  Add some cute red and white Impatiens, and we have a sweet and patriotic planter!  (Note – if you want to use your planter outside the house, I would recommend adding several coats of the Mod Podge Outdoor formula to protect it properly.)

Happy 150th Birthday Canada!  And happy 50th birthday to Mod Podge!

(Join in with Plaid Crafts’ celebration of Mod Podge’s 50th birthday HERE and join in the Designer Crafts Connection blog hop PARTY!)

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  1. As a Canadian, I am thrilled to find a project that celebrates our 150th anniversary… and so easy to do. Love the popsicle/paint stick idea. The colours are so vibrant and perfect including the idea to use red and white impatiens. Now I am off to eat a bunch of popsicles so I can start creating… 🙂 Thank you Emma.

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