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Quilts Ahoy!

Hello crafty friends!  Today I want to share with you a new craft kit I have been lucky enough to come across.

While attending the AFCI Creativation Show in Phoenix this past January, I met an awesome craft manufacturer from Russia.  They make very cool items, which are fun to make both for adults and children.  The one I’m showing today is a Peppy quilt kit, that makes a fun decorative item in a faux-quilt style.

Quilt kit and instruction sheet

The kit comes with everything you need: numbered printed fabric, self-adhesive base, instructions, and a very high-tech tucking tool 🙂

Following the instructions and starting towards the middle of the picture, cut the pieces one by one from the printed fabric sheet.  Then, remove the corresponding piece of paper from the adhesive base, and place the fabric on the adhesive.  Each piece is cut with extra around the edge, to enable you to tuck it down into the channels cut between each section.  This gives a fun quilty style look.

All that remains is to continue adding the pieces to the base, tucking as you go, until the whole picture is finished.  It’s almost like quilting by numbers!

Finished and untrimmed quilt

Once completed, the edges can be trimmed and adhered to the sides, to give a neat finish.

This was such a fun and easy piece to make, and I’m sure adults or children alike would enjoy completing the many sets available.  Check out the full range of kits at

Peppy Craft Quilt


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