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Recycled Drinks Tray Fall Centrepiece

Hello crafty friends!  Today I’d like to share an upcycling project with you, using ColorBox® ColoriQue by Lisa Marie Jimenez, and Activa Products.

Having a busy family and work life means that we visit the drive-thru a little more often than we like to admit.  That means that we end up with many of the familiar grey paper drinks trays, which inevitably end up in the recycling box at the end of the week.  I’ve been saving some, with the guilty promise to myself that I’d find a better use for them one day.  Well, now I have!  I decided to make a Fall / Autumn centrepiece, that also holds some seasonal plants and a couple of candles.

First, I needed to reinforce the drinks tray, as after all it is only made with paper mache.  I used the Activa Rigid Wrap over the whole top surface of the tray, and inside the cup recesses.  I love the criss-cross texture that the Rigid Wrap gives when dry.

Activa Rigid Wrap

Next, I painted the drinks tray all over with DecoArt® Chalky Finish™ paint, in Terracotta.  I added some distress and patina look with ColoriQue.

Fall is really defined by pumpkins, so I decided to sculpt some using the Activa Hearty Clay, with styrofoam balls as the base.  It was a lot easier than I thought it’d be – I made the pumpkin ridges with the edge of an artist’s spatula, and painted the pumpkins with Poppy ColoriQue.  The stalks are just twisted pieces of garden wire, which is easy to cut with a pair of jewellery pliers.

Activa Hearty Clay

Activa Hearty Clay Pumpkins

Activa Hearty Clay and ColoriQue Pumpkins

I also used the Hearty Clay to sculpt a face to add to the centrepiece.  I have coloured it with ColoriQue, and added a stamped brass halo.

Activa Hearty Clay & ColoriQue Face

A Fall project wouldn’t be complete without leaves, so I punched out some from patterned paper.  These were coloured with ColoriQue to create a beautiful patina.

ColoriQue Paper Leaves

To finish this project, I added a couple of candles and two mini chrysanthemum plants.  It would be an ideal holder for mini herb plants also.

Fall Centrepiece

I had a great time creating this project, and the combination of Activa and ColoriQue products made it so easy!  I hope you’ve enjoyed it, and maybe be inspired to reuse a paper drinks tray yourself.  🙂

Happy crafting!


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